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(Partial List)

The Los Angeles Times "This college Latinx Lab won’t X-out Chicanos. It plans to preserve Chicano history, embrace inclusion" (August 2022)

Dr. Sanchez was interviewed on use of the word Latinx and what it means as a Chicano/Latino Studies Teacher. 

Education Week "Teachers of Color More Likely Than White Peers to Tackle 'Controversial' Civics Topics" (January 2021)

Dr. Sanchez was featured/interviewed in this piece on her experiences teaching civics as a (Xicana) teacher of color. 

LAist How "An Attack on Us Brown People"25 years ago Created a New Generation of Activists (November 2019) 

Dr. Sanchez was interviewed for this piece on Prop 187-25 years later. Portions of the interview were aired on KPCC. 

The Guardian  It's Worse Than Ever: How Latinos are Changing Their Lives in Trumps America (October 2019) 

Dr. Sanchez is quoted in this piece written following the El Paso massacre and Gilroy shooting where Mexicans/Latinx people were targeted. 


NBC News 15 Great New Books by Latinos for Hispanic Heritage Month  (September 2019) 

Dr. Sanchez essay in Latina Outsiders mentioned by author Rigoberto Gonzalez on NBC News

"Standouts include critical studies on the works of Cristina García and Achy Obejas, a powerful testimony by Irene M. Sánchez on being a “radical Xicana Ph.D.,” and the poetry of Analicia Sotelo, Carmen Giménez Smith

and the editor, Grisel Acosta." 


Brian Stelter Reliable Sources (August 2019)

"Here's how reporters are covering the aftermath of an anti-Latino hate crime"

Brian Stelter of CNN covers articles following a massacre in El Paso and includes my Op-Ed on CNN.

 LA Times (June 2019)

"From Chicano Blowout to Blowup: Turmoil over MEChA name change"

Voyage LA  (April 2019)

"Meet Irene Sanchez, Ph.D. of XIcana Ph.D. "

Latino USA (April 2019)

"The Breakdown: Battle Over MEChA"

Associated Press (March 2019)

"Admissions scandal highlights divide over class in America"

Riverside Art Museum/The Cheech Marin Center (Dec. 2018) 

Annoucement: Dr. Sanchez is collaborating with the Riverside Art Museum and The Cheech Marin Center for Art, Culture, and Industry to offer community based Chicano Studies

SGV Tribune (Dec. 2018) 

Feature on Azusa 1968 Walkouts and current situation for Latinx Studies in Azusa USD taught by Dr. Sanchez

Southern CA Public Radio (Sept. 2018)

Irene Sanchez wins the 2018 Joe Hill Labor Poetry award and is highlighted on SCPR (NPR affiliate) 

SCPR/ProPublica (May 2018)

Dr. Irene Sanchez is a featured panelist on SCPR speaking about education, poetry and how to combat hate

Write up on event with KPCC/ProPublica (May 2018)

“Documenting Hate”

KPCC In Person (Feb 2018) 
Dr. Irene Sanchez is featured on KPCC Unheard LA show Season 2, Episode 1


The Press Enterprise (2015)
Irene Sanchez quoted on her experience with Ethnic Studies as a high school student in the Inland Empire 


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